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NBFCWALA is unit of Swarit Advisor Pvt Ltd unit. It is a leading regulatory and compliance service provider for Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India. We can assist NBFCs in navigating the complex regulatory environment and achieving their business objectives with our services.

We are a technology-driven avenue that provides customized company management and advice solutions for various corporate needs. Our company, incorporated as a small legal advising business in 2006, now provides a wide range of services. To ensure the smooth e-penitence of our clients, we significantly increased technology and changed from a partnership firm to a Private Limited Company. 

Our Core Values

Value to All

We are aware that every person and party has different needs and that not every issue can be solved by a single solution. To provide each client with a unique and effective solution, we concentrate on understanding their needs.

Best Practices

We have professionals and specialists with significant backgrounds in their fields. We pledge to offer our customers high-quality services. It gives us a market advantage because


We guarantee to give our clients ongoing business support. We live by the saying, “Consistency is the key to success”, in how we conduct ourselves at work. We ensure ongoing assistance, which includes consulting, advisory, and compliance services.

Continuous Improvement

We just don’t believe in consistency; providing high-quality services is our primary goal. Thus, we practise continuous improvement. Quality also necessitates ongoing research and development on our part. We have a separate department with goals to improve the quality of our services and conduct research.

What are you looking for?


NBFC Refers to Non-Banking Financial companies. if you are willing to start Lending business in India either you can buy an Existing NBFC or Apply for fresh NBFC Registration.


MFI refers to Micro Finance Institution. MFI Can be registered as Fresh with a timeline of 120-210 days or you can Apply with an NBFC-ND For Conversion to MFI.

Nidhi Company

Nidhi company is Principally working for Cultivation of Savings and It gives a loan to members and Accept deposit from Members.


PPI refers to Prepaid paid instruments. PPI License is legally known as Semi-closed Wallet License. RBI issue PPI / Semi-closed Wallet License in a time frame of 180 days to 240 days. You may apply for Fresh PPI License or can buy Existing PPI License.

About Business

We are a leading NBFC consultancy firm, a unit of Swarit Advisors Pvt Ltd, providing services and focussing mainly on Buying, selling and investing in NBFCs and top-to-bottom services related to NBFCs. You can get expert support from submitting the NBFC Registration application to receiving the registration certificate.

With the help of cloud-based technology backed by artificial intelligence, we are providing our clients with standardised and high-quality services on NBFC licenses, preparing and compiling the necessary documents, maintaining regular contact with the RBI department, providing NBFC consulting services from operations to compliance, conducting an internal audit to ensure smooth operations, and helping applicants to meet the NBFC eligibility standards.

Non-Banking Financial Companies

Non-banking financial companies are crucial for increasing the financial sector’s competition and diversification while facilitating access to financial services. In India, many different kinds of institutions provide financial services. Due to the financial sector reforms, this includes commercial banks, financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies. The Indian financial system now includes non-banking financial institutions as a vital component.

According to Section 45-IA of the RBI Act of 1934 and the Companies Act of 2013, non-banking financial Companies are significantly involved in economic activities, including secured and unsecured loans, marketplace lending, investments, or information service providers. NBFCs differ from commercial and cooperative banks because they do not need a banking licence but are subject to RBI rules and regulations.

A Non-Banking Financial Company, or NBFC, is a business registered under the 2013 Companies Act that specialises in loans and advances as well as the purchase of bonds, securities, shares, or stocks issued by the local authority or by governments as well as other marketable securities like those used in leasing, insurance, hire-purchase, and chit transactions. While NBFCs that do not possess proper banking licenses, like commercial banks, have obtained NBFC licences from the RBI and offer a number of supportive & helpful services to the general public’s depositors, borrowers, and investors in particular business sectors.

Services Offered

  • NBFC Registration
  • NBFC Takeover
  • NBFC for sale
  • Funding for NBFC
  • Private Equity Placement for NBFC
  • Business Plan for NBFC
  • Loan Product for NBFC
  • NBFC Compliance
  • Other Services

NBFC Registration

  • Under Chapter IIIB of the RBI Act, 1934, any rules adopted thereunder, as well as any directives issued under the RBI Act, the RBI regulates NBFC in India. Recent years have seen a rise in NBFC registration, which has been crucial to the development of the financial industry.
  • NBFC registration is a lengthy procedure requiring much planning and documentation. We will help you in that systematic preparation from the beginning to the end, so the step-by-step process of the NBFC registration will be completed easily with our help. You can get our expert’s advice for NBFC registration and understand the process quickly.

NBFC Takeover

  • NBFC takeover refers to acquiring an active, RBI-registered NBFC without the registration process. The takeover of an NBFC is a viable but difficult process. This procedure is appropriate for people or businesses who want to choose a quick and reliable operation of their financial business. The greatest level of professionalism and careful labour is required for this process because it is intricate and involves several stages.
  • Only NBFCs that have registered with the Act are permitted to attempt to take control of another NBFC. In this process, two companies are primarily involved: the Target Business ( It is the kind of business other corporations try to acquire) and Purchasing Company (It is the business purchasing the target business). The takeover of the NBFC company is easier with our help, as it involves specific regulatory requirements from RBI. The acquirer should be well versed with all the information connected with the transferor to avoid delay in the process.
  • We have a team of experts and professionals, including CA, CS, CMA, and Lawyers, who are skilled in NBFC takeover procedures and RBI registrations. In fewer days, we can fulfil your NBFC takeover requirement.

Sale of NBFC

  • A larger company approaches a smaller one about a sale. It helps combine two businesses into one. After all of the selling company’s assets and liabilities have been transferred to the buyer, the seller company’s balance sheet must be null in order to sell an NBFC.
  • Therefore, to sell your NBFC, you must have a buying or acquirer firm. The Target Company is your business or the NBFC for sale. It is advised to have all agreements and dealings pertaining to the acquirer in writing and signed by both parties to prevent future misunderstandings.
  • It takes at least two to three months to complete the sale procedure and obtain RBI permission for the NBFC’s new management. Prior approval from RBI is necessary for every aspect of the sale, takeover, merger or other NBFC changes.
  • We will help you with all the stages of NBFC, including sales. With our team of experts, you can complete the process with ease.

Funding for NBFC

  • As their name implies, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) are not banks. They do not rely on deposits made to CASAs (Current Account Savings Accounts) to raise funds due to the fact that CASA deposits are exclusively intended for banks, which the RBI licences to receive money from the general public. Since NBFCs lack those luxuries, they must look for alternative sources of funding that offer better rates of return than the deposits that banks accept.
  • Assessing the mismatch between assets and liabilities and minimising the mismatch in the same assets and liabilities are the key elements while raising funds in NBFC. We will help you in all the stages. All you need to do is reach us and discuss your requirements. We will fulfil your goal with our experienced team of experts.

Business Plan for NBFC

  • The “NBFC Business Plan” refers to a document that serves as a company’s executive summary. It contains all the information, including the vision, purpose, promoter document, business structure, market size, growth aspect, product and service offerings, sales and marketing, etc.
  • Like any other company, non-banking financial companies also need to create a business plan. The business plan acts as a road map for completing both short-term and long-term objectives. The board concept of NBFC business planning includes firm structure, promoter background, products and services, etc.
  • As a team of highly qualified and committed specialists will provide you with comprehensive guidance and support in creating a well-articulated, regulatory-compliant NBFC business plan, in addition to providing total, end-to-end NBFC registration and compliance services. Our area of expertise is offering legal consulting services.

Private Equity Placement

  • For “absolute returns” and to reduce their vulnerability to market volatility, investors are becoming more and more attracted to alternative investments.
  • A private placement is when equity is sold to institutions and investors who have been hand-picked rather than to the general public on the open market. It is a substitute for an initial public offering (IPO) for a business looking to raise money for growth. Startups now frequently raise capital through private placements. We provide you with the strategies and ideas for every NBFC-related service, including Private Equity Placement.

Loan Product Plan for NBFC

  • NBFCs offer different loan packages to satisfy the needs of the customer. In India, NBFCs provide various financial products, such as personal loans, business loans, vehicle loans, home loans, education loans, and loans for MSMEs. In addition to these loan products, NBFCs offer additional financial services like leasing, hire-purchase, and invoice discounting.
  • The terms and conditions of these services may change depending on the NBFC, the borrower, and the borrower’s creditworthiness and corporate profile. We offer some effective loan product plans for NBFCs according to the requirement.

NBFC Compliance

  • Based on key triggers, such as Comprehensive Risk Perception, Size of Operations, and Activities of NBFCs, the regulatory structure for NBFCs would be divided into various tiers. Layers will be used to define each sort of NBFC currently existing: Base Layer, Middle Layer, Upper Layer, and Top Layer.
  • The reserve bank is reforming the industry and altering compliance criteria as needed to streamline the governance structure for NBFC. We provide ongoing compliance services to ensure NBFCs follow the guidelines established by the RBI. The regulations call for keeping statutory records, filing regular returns, and ensuring compliance with requirements for adequate capital, asset classification, and provisioning

Working Process

We offers NBFCs a number of services, as we already indicated. We often incorporates the following steps in the working process with NBFCs:

  • Consultation: Understanding the client’s business strategy, goals, and needs is the first step in the consultation process with NBFCs. We provide a tailored solution to meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Registration: According to the Reserve Bank of India Directions, 2016, We assists NBFCs with registering with the RBI. We will gather the necessary documentation, submit the application to the RBI, and contact the RBI to get the registration.
  • NBFC Sell – As India’s NBFC industry has prospered, there are now many more NBFCs than ever before. How to sell their company in the face of swift market developments presents a challenge for the majority of NBFCs. You need to understand and be able to sell your business successfully.

For that, you have to connect with our team. Once you discuss the requirement, we will assign a dedicated expert to provide you with the correct solution and assist in the entire process.

  • NBFC Investment: NBFCs are known for high risk-taking than banks. Due to the expanding per capita demand for personal loans and other new-to-credit segments, many investors are being drawn to NBFCs.’ NBFCs are covering unserved markets and untapped clients of the banks, giving them a competitive advantage and new markets to enter. We can provide various Investment options and ideas to invest in for the best returns.
  • NBFC Takeover: This procedure is intricate and involves a number of steps, necessitating the utmost professionalism and diligent effort. This procedure is appropriate for people or businesses who want to choose a quick and reliable operation of their financial business. We offer service with skilled professionals in NBFC takeover procedures within a given time prescribed by the RBI.
  • Other services: We also offer NBFCs other services like technology solutions, legal assistance and accounting and tax services.

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What our customers are saying?Customer Testimonials

It was a delightful experience with nbfcwala.com Group during NBFC registration of Just Click. Inquiries were talked instantly through emails, Phone calls; and the follow-up was just amazing.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar CEO, Just Click

nbfcwala.com has amazed me with outstanding service and support. In my 10 years corporate experience, I have not seen such a proficient establishment. Keep the energy up team nbfcwala.com.

Mr. Mohit Chauhan Founder & CEO, Mohit Associate

We are taking nbfcwala.com services for last 4 years, we had a remarkable provision skill with the team. Highly professionals, everything was accomplished on time with details & perfection.

Mr. Vipan Singh Director & CEO - Precult India